Many of you want to buy or make fabric masks. The community of municipalities invites you to visit the platform which creates the link between a solidarity offer and requests for barrier masks: Afnor pro contact  You will find tutorials there, but also the places where you can buy them in Dordogne, you can even register if you wish to make them, provide your confections, find masks, donate materials, on this subject. if you have cotton fabric, felt, ribbons, elastics, needles and thread… All these essential supplies for making fabric barrier masks,… Join this solidarity platform to get in touch with already registered tailors. The process is simple: you fill out the form and let people know the types of materials available. Once there are enough of you, we will publish your proposals on the Procontact site so that the tailors near you can contact you. You can then agree together on the conditions of provision.

Many initiatives have emerged and continue to be created to make AFNOR barrier masks. Despite the good will of all, the raw material running out, the provision of masks can be stopped.


In order to strengthen the chain of solidarity that has been created to offer as many people as possible (primarily the most fragile and the most disadvantaged) barrier masks made according to recommendations du document AFNOR, a formidable call to mobilize donors, in time, in material, in talents. Mask seekers get in touch with fashion designers near their homes on the solidary barriers mask platform.